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Zolotoy Shelk

Zolotoy Shelk

Zolotoy Shelk is a brand that provides complete care for your hair.

Zolotoy Shelk is suitable for any hair, including dyeing, in cases of unsuccessful salon procedures or the use of films and irons.

Remedies against negative environmental factors. Each product series of the brand is created in the laboratories of the Narodniye Promysly company taking into account the characteristics and needs of problem hair. The ideology of Zolotoy Shelk is based on a harmonious combination of the latest technology and phytoactive natural components.

Zolotoy Shelk Keraplastika

The Keraplastika line based on liquid keratin is a true resuscitation for damaged hair. Thanks to the impact of innovative components, the products are aimed at deep restoration of even extremely injured hair, as well as powerful protection against further destruction of their structure.

Try the legendary product - Keraplastika mask. Its composition contributes not only to filling keratin damaged areas of the hair, but also to restore the natural keratin coating.

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In addition to liquid keratin, Keraplastika products also include:

Hyaluronic acid - a “magnet for liquids”, fills hair with moisture, nourishes and moisturizes the scalp, strengthens hair, and prevents dryness and brittleness.

Collagen is the main guardian of skin firmness, strengthens hair follicles, promotes gluing of damaged and split ends, protecting them from premature fragility.

Hyaluronic acid
Zolotoy Shelk Nutrition

The brand's absolute super hit is the Nutrition line, filled with the properties of the precious oils of argan and macadamia.

Supplemented with collagen and hyaluronic acid, the composition of the products nourishes and restores the hair, giving it smoothness and shine from the roots to the ends. The balanced Power Oil complex fills the porous surface of a weakened hair shaft and preserves the nutritional components inside. Restores an injured cuticle, prevents brittleness of even the most dried hair.

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Argan oil is a “radiance enhancer”, a valuable natural oil enriched with saturated fatty acids.

Macadamia oil is a precious “royal product”, with a high content of vitamin E, oleic, linelic, eicosenic fatty acids.

Argan oil
Elixir Oil Nutrition Zolotoy Shelk

Thousands of women around the world choose Elixir Oil. Created using innovative technology of “dry oil”, the product does not weigh down and does not stick hair, while deeply nourishing and moisturizing them.

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Filler for hair Zolotoy Shelk

Filler for hair is a premium line with the latest formulas that work instantly. The funds provide an impeccable result now and a gradual deep recovery day after day. Replace several full-fledged hair care products!

Only three fillers but a whole list of advantages during use: persistent and long-lasting conditioning, restoration of smoothness and hydrophobicity of the structure, protection from high temperatures during styling, as well as no stickiness and weighting of hair!

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Choose the Filler that's right for you:

Nutrition and restoration — to restore dry, lost softness and smoothness of hair. The composition includes the Power Oil nutritional complex with oils.

Nutrition and restoration

Keraplastika anti-brittle hair — for the reconstruction of damaged and lifeless hair. The composition of hyaluronic acid in combination with keratin.

Keraplastika anti-brittle hair

Density and density of hair Fibro Ultima — for thin and weak hair that lacks density and strength. As part of hyaluronic acid and silk.

Density and density of hair Fibro Ultima

Premium burdock oils

Premium burdock oils are the strength of natural ingredients, perfected using the latest technology. Thanks to the microdiffusion method followed by maceration, the oils retain a high percentage of phytosterols that prevent alopecia (hair loss). In addition to activating accelerated growth, oils also strengthen the hair roots and provide complete nutrition along the entire length, making hair beautiful and healthy.

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A special pride of the brand is the unique Silkosil® complex, a system with proven effectiveness for hair restoration and nutrition. It includes:

Silk proteins are “cementing” components that restore the damaged hair structure.

Milk protein nourishes and strengthens the hair from the inside.

Keratin peptides envelop the hair with a "silk cocoon", protecting from damage.

Silk proteins
Classic line of shampoos, masks and hair oils Zolotoy Shelk

All these elements make the classic line of shampoos, masks and hair oils as effective as possible. Means help strengthen the roots and hair along the entire length, stimulate active growth, saturate the strands with vitality, health and dazzling shine.

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Leave-in express care Zolotoy Shelk

Leave-in express care. Hair care has never been so quick and effective! Just a few taps on the dispenser give your strands an impeccable look, and also restore them from the inside. The result is both from the salon procedure.

A two-phase spray conditioner instantly provides a lamination effect: the keratin complex and fruit acids in the composition give the hair a dazzling shine, softness and elasticity without bonding and greasy film.

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